3 Stages of Landscape Architecture

Anita considers every project to be unique, challenging and interesting.  During an initial meeting, elements discussed will be the intended use of the landscape, wish lists, problems needing solutions, financial and scheduling preferences and so on.

Design Focus:

  •  Bringing balance between indoor and outdoor living
  • Movement of people through spaces, connecting different uses, creating places to entertain, play, retreat and relax
  • Integrating the built elements into the  beautiful natural surroundings that brought us to Northern Michigan.

1. Design Development

This is a time for informational gathering, getting to know one another and create conceptual plans for your landscape.  This is a time for wishes and desires to be brought together in drawing form from which to evaluate for functionality, beauty, budget and completeness.  These plans compliment the environment, architecture and your family.

2. Construction Documents

A conceptual plan has been approved and now it will be analyzed, detailed and specifications written to be complete for delivery to contractors for bidding and scheduling purposes.  Depending on the project, this may include construction plans for all the hardscape components, such as driveways, patios, entry walks and steps, retaining walls, swimming pools, the list is endless.  Planting plans with all material specified, quantities and sizes will be created.

3. Construction Observation

There is no more crucial time than overseeing a project from the first shovel in the ground to the final cleanup at the end of completion.  After sending out bid packages and assembling an installation team, the next step is directing the contractors to ensure the design is implemented with our vision, using the highest quality material and excellent craftsmanship.  All aspects from the layout of driveways, walks, patios, plants, rocks, etc. are watched over with great care.